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Title: Restrictions on the Manufacture, Import, and Sale of Personal Care and Cosmetics Products Containing Plastic Microbeads Ch
Date: 2017.08.03
Legislative: Huan-Shu-Fei-Tzu No. 1060059207 on August 3, 2017
Content: Basis:Article 21, Waste Disposal Act

Announced Items:
I Terms used in this Official Announcement are defined as follows:
A.“Cosmetics” means those products termed cosmetics in the Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene.
B.“Personal care products” means those products used for cleaning one's body, and which must be cleaned off or rinsed off with water after use.
C."Facial scrub" means those preparations in liquid, paste, cream, or gel form containing microbeads and used for the functions of skin exfoliation or cleaning.
D.“Toothpaste” means products generally used to protect the surface of people's teeth and surrounding tissue, specifically semi-solid or powder blended products that take the form of a paste, cream, or gel.
E.“Plastic microbeads” means solid plastic particles used for exfoliation or cleaning of the body wherein the scope of particles diameter is smaller than 5 mm, and the material of which they are made includes biodegradable plastic.
F.“Manufacturer” means an enterprise that engages in the manufacture of personal care or cosmetics products.
G.“Importer” means a business that engages in the importation of  personal care or cosmetics products.
H.“Vendor” means a business that engages in the sale (including wholesaling, retailing, or presentation as gifts or prizes, etc.) of personal care or cosmetics products.

II Apart from those enterprises already manufacturing or importing the following cosmetic and personal care products containing plastic microbeads as of August 23, 2016,  manufacturers, importers, and vendors may not manufacture, import, or sell such products:
A.Cosmetics used for washing hair, cosmetics used for bathing, cosmetics used for face-washing, and soap as defined in relevant provisions of the Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene.
B.Facial scrub.

III The competent authority may dispatch personnel (carrying identification documents) to enter manufacturer’s, importer’s or vendor’s premises to inspect the manufacturing, importation or vending of the foregoing personal care or cosmetics products , and may request each product and relevant information, and the manufacturer, importer or vendor may not refuse, seek to evade, or obstruct such inspection. 

IV When the competent authority's random inspection and testing of personal care and cosmetics products whose manufacture, import, or sale is restricted finds the presence of plastic microbeads, the competent authority may require the manufacturer, importer, or to remove the products from sale, recall the products, or return the products within a specified time limit.